6 Things to Look for in a Depot Repair Facility for Your Extended Warranty

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Your customers expect the best from your extended service plan, and your reputation as the administrator of service contracts depends on your ability to partner with the best service provider. That’s why you need a repair facility with a pristine record of excellent customer care practices. If you’re seeking a Service Provider with national reach and a commitment to your customers, look for these qualities.

C-Level References and Testimonials

References, especially C-level references, prove that a depot repair facility is able to meet the needs of your customers. Before signing a contract with any company, ask for at least three C-level references, and then contact those references. Ask each reference the same questions to make them easy to compare. Only sign a contract with a company that provides stellar references.   

Case Files by Product

Your depot repair facility should have extensive background in a variety of different products and models. Case files by product prove that a company can handle whatever unusual or interesting repairs your customers may bring to them. The more varied the case files are, the easier it will be for your depot repair facility to handle repairs with grace and competence.   

Value Proposition

Innovation is what make your depot repair organization worth hiring. When contacting repair companies, ask them what unique features do they bring to the table? How can they help your company stand out as a business that provides quality products and excellent support? Asking these questions should yield an extensive answer from each possible repair company, to help you make your decision. 

Professional Website

Any legitimate repair company that you hire should have a professional website with extensive information about that company’s services. Click around to each page of their site. If the website lacks clarity about their repair services or contact information, think twice before hiring that company.

Long History of Success

New companies may not have what it takes to stay in business. The best companies to hire will be those that have a long history of success in their field. When contacting companies, ask them how long they’ve been in business. Prioritize companies that have longevity. 

Extensive List of Services

Of course you’ll want to hire a company that’s able to repair as many mobile tech devices as possible, so when inquiring with new companies, ask them what kind of devices they repair, whether they specialize in any specific types of devices, and if there are devices that they exclude from their list of services. 

Contact PSR Inc

Contact a company that provides only the best repair service for your extended warranty plan. PSR, Inc. is capable of repairing hundreds of makes and models. We have a long history of success and enjoy a pristine reputation among clients. We’re happy to provide C-level references for interested customers. For more information about our extensive list of services and about how we provide service to our customers, contact us today.

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