Itziar Padgett, PCA Vendor Relations Manager at Centricity (formerly Bankers Warranty Group & Bonded Builders Warranty Group)

Brian is an excellent Depot Vendor Partner, we have worked together for some time and with his extensive industry experience, he is able to provide solutions for iPads, Tablets, iPhones, Smart Phones, Computers, as well as, Drones and Headphones. Brian has always been supportive to the needs of our clients’ and works as a team with us to provide service solutions. He always has a creative, positive outlook and he’s good at organizing and bringing people together. His style is open and inviting to questions, engaging, and thorough. It has been a great vendor partnership thus far and I look forward to working with Brian for the years to come..

Sean M. Hicks,CEO at New Leaf Service Contracts, LLC

Over the last 10 years at two different companies we have worked with PSR which Brian is the CEO. The leadership including Brian is very professional at all times. The quality of the service work done by the technicians has always been good. If there ever was a recall or a problem Brian and the PSR team stood up and fixed it immediately. We continue to look for ways to expand our relationship with PSR. I highly recommend the services of PSR and Brian Hoopsick. More...

Treven Cornwall,Creating wonderful customer experiences with award-winning, mission-driven service teams

Brian supported us at SquareTrade for many years and him and his team at PSR did a terrific job. I hope we get to work together again. More...

Randel Wilson,Technical Supervisor at Warrantech

I have worked with Brian at PSR for over 6 years and have found out that PSR is the top depot center in the US for all types of electronics. I work in the warranty business and I send all of the electronics to PSR for quick and efficient repairs. Outstanding company!

Michael Kelly,Vice President of Sales at Centricity (formerly Bankers Warranty Group)

I have known Brian for many years and can say there is not a harder working person in the repair business. Brian and his team are always quick to respond and always seem to find a solution. Our business is always changing with new products and Brian is quick to adapt. I truly believe there is nothing out there that they cannot repair! Brian is a honest and a trusted partner and I have been happy to know him and do business with him for so many years. If you need a great service provider and a long term partner, Brian is it!

Jordan Lewis,IT Consultant

I have had the extreme pleasure of knowing Brian since early 2008. He is one of a kind when it comes to his kindness and generosity to both his friends, business partners and employees. He runs his company the way a company should be run, by putting his people first. Doing business with Brian is a win-win situation, he and his employees can solve any problem put in front of them.

Sam Parks,Development and Project Management Roles

Brian works hard so that my life was easier. I worked with Brian on a nationwide technology rollout and wouldn't have found success without him and his company. He had product readied and shipped on time every time. He was my repair depot as well and the process worked wonderfully and was extremely low touch for me. I will gladly work with Brian again when our goals interconnect in the future. Lastly, Brian was always available, a very nice gentlemen, and is highly recommended.

Michael Bales,Field Service Manager at Asurion

Working with Brian over the years has always been a pleasure with his passionate drive to give outstanding customer service and discover innovative ways to improve the repair process backed up by his dedicated team. He is always eager to find new products to diversify his repair portfolio and provide those services to his clients. Brian has a keen eye to be able to understand the needs of the business while maintaining competitive pricing for his services. There is no challenge that Brian will walk away from and I look forward to the next opportunity to collaborate with him in the future.

Chad Kalebic,Urbanity

I have been working on a project with Brian where we looked to him for specialty configuration, packaging, shipping and back to base support of thousands of tablets distributed nationwide. I cannot speak highly enough of Brian as a person and business partner, but also of PSR, Inc as a whole organization. At every turn, Brian listened to our needs and went above and beyond the direct requirements, always looking for ways to improve and offer value. PSR, Inc. is a first-class repair and logistics operation and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend PSR or Brian to anyone looking for services related to consumer electronics or wireless devices.

Maria Spencer,Business Consultant, Penn State SBDC and Instructor, Penn State College of Engineering

I have worked with Brian for years and have always found him to be a great partner and resource to our community. Brian has proven himself to be resourceful, trustworthy, accessible and accountable and he is always my first call when I have need for repair, assembly and even some new product development services. I always look forward to the opportunity to work with Brian and am happy to offer him my highest recommendation.

David Nikrant,President at Security Masters Corporation

Brian and I have worked together for many years when PSR was one of my Key repair vendors in the warranty space. Brian is highly respected in the consumer electronics industry and found his professionalism, integrity and commitment to drive the right solution quite rewarding which also played an integral role in the success of PSR. I highly recommend Brian and his team to any organization that are in need of quality service.

James Sellitti,Play N Trade Charlotte NC

Since we started using PSR, we have been able to bring better customer service to our many customers by offering repairs to there consoles at an affordable and quick turn around time. Our repair intake has doubled over the last couple of months thanks to reputation that is being built at our store, all because of the efforts of the PSR team. Now that PSR handles the majority of our repairs, we have been able to focus more attention on other parts of our business, and try to get the results that we have gotten from the PSR team.

David Desilva,Play N Trade Charlotte NC

Working with PSR has been great my customers get their systems repaired, its a quick turnaround and comes with a 90 day warranty.