Tablet Repairs

Repairing your tablet is a far more affordable option than replacing it.

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Repairing your tablet is a far more affordable option than replacing it.

Repairs are $79.00 labor plus parts. Many repairs are under $100!

Free Return shipping included!

At PSR, we specialize in professional Tablet repair and excellent customer service in our state-of-the-art 15,000 square ft facility in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania. PSR has a staff of experienced technicians who have worked on hundreds of thousands of consumer electronic units. We have seen every form of Tablet damages imaginable and will be able to diagnose and repair the problems with your tablet too. We know how to repair problems with tablet whether they are large or small. We do repairs for some of the largest retailers, Insurance Companies, Extended Warranty Companies and the K-12 Education System. You can trust us with your tablet repair too.

Affordable Repair Service:

Repairing your tablet is a far more affordable option than replacing it. At PSR, our tablet repair service is just $79.00 plus parts with Free return shipping. For that low price, you get our experienced technicians working to restore your tablet to perfect working condition in the shortest time possible. We understand how much you rely on your tablet so we pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time for all of our repairs with free return shipping. All repairs made by PSR are backed with an impressive 90 day warranty on parts and labor so you can feel confident even if you fear your tablet is damaged beyond repair, it is worth sending it into PSR for an evaluation. Because we charge no diagnostic fees, if we cannot repair your tablet, you pay only for the return shipping. In most cases, the expert team at PSR is able to repair tablets that looked destroyed. Before you throw your broken tablet in the trash, let the technicians at PSR look it over for you.

At PSR, we offer the highest quality tablet repair services in the industry. Our technicians have seen every imaginable tablet problem and have the tools and experience to repair them properly the first time. We can replace your broken glass touch panel caused by dropping your tablet. If your LCD screen is cracked we can handle that delicate repair job. Other frequently seen problems are defective charging or data port, a non-functioning power button or the device or no longer syncing. The professional techs at PSR will quickly diagnose and repair your tablet, whatever the problem. Some of the most common tablet repairs are listed below.

Most Common Tablet Repairs: