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Repairing your iPhone is a far more affordable option than replacing it.

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Repairs are $79.00 labor plus parts. Free Return shipping included!

We repair All Models of iPhones.

At PSR, we specialize in professional iPhone repair. PSR is known for our excellent customer service team and Technicians love our state-of-the-art 15,000 square ft facility in Philipsburg, PA. We are not a few guys working out of a basement as a side gig. PSR has a staff of experienced technicians who have worked on hundreds of thousands of consumer electronic units. We have seen every form of iPhone damage imaginable and will be able to diagnose and repair the problems with your iPhone too. We know how to repair problems with iPhone other cannot; whether they are large or small we repair them all. We do repairs for some of the largest retailers, Insurance Companies, Extended Warranty Companies and the K-12 Education System. You can trust us with your iPhone repair too.

Affordable Repair Service:

Repairing your iPhone is a far more affordable option than replacing it. At PSR, our iPhone repair service is just $79 Labor plus replacement parts and Free return shipping. For that low price, you get our experienced technicians working on your iPhone to return it to perfect working condition in the shortest time possible. We understand how much you rely on your iPhone so we pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time for all of our repairs with free return shipping. All repairs made by PSR are backed with an impressive 90 day warranty on parts and labor so you can feel confident even if you fear your iPhone is damaged beyond repair, it is worth sending it into PSR for an evaluation. Because we charge no diagnostic fees, if we cannot repair your iPhone, you pay only for the return shipping. In most cases, the expert team at PSR is able to repair iPhone that looked destroyed. Before you throw your broken iPhone in the trash, let the technicians at PSR look it over for you.

At PSR, we offer the highest quality iPhone repair services in the industry. Our technicians have seen every imaginable iPhone problem and have the tools and experience to repair them properly the first time. We can replace your broken glass touch panel caused by dropping your iPhone. If your LCD screen is cracked we can handle that delicate repair job. Other frequently seen problems are defective charging or data port, a non-functioning power button or the device or no longer syncing. The professional techs at PSR will quickly diagnose and repair your iPhone, whatever the problem. Some of the most common iPhone repairs are listed below.

Most Common iPhone Repairs:

Broken Digitizer or LCD Screen Repair:

Because Smart phone are so portable, they tend to take a lot of abuse. They get dropped, sat on, stepped on, crushed under heavy objects you name it, it has happened. This is why screen replacement is one of the most commonly requested types of Smart phone repair. There are actually two components which may need to be fixed. The outer piece of glass, which is the touch screen or digitizer and beneath the touch screen is the LCD display. In some cases the touch screen and the LCD display are bonded together and is technically one piece. The professional technicians at PSR specialize in touch screen and LCD repair. Don't be fooled by people who say it is easy to tear down your own Smart phone and replace the glass yourself. It is a highly technical process that is best left to trained and experienced techs. Many DIY customers create more issues attempting to repair it themselves. In some cases the repair fees are higher due to additional damage and parts needed to repair their Smart phone.

Behind the glass touch screen is the LCD (liquid crystal display). This is the part of the smartphone which actually shows the images and data. You know that your LCD screen needs to be repaired if your display has lines running through it or has gone completely white, blue or blank. Repairing the LCD screen is a service best left to experts, because if done incorrectly, your tablet can't be used. A tablet can need a new digitizer, a new LCD, or both, depending on the damage. Let the experts at PSR repair your Smart phone so you can get back to enjoying it as soon as possible.

High Quality, High Volume Repair with a Small Company Touch:

PSR occupies a modern 15,000 square foot repair facility that is equipped with the best technicians and state-of-the-art equipment. We have been repairing consumer electronics for over 30 years, and are the trusted repair center for some of the largest manufacturers and third-party warranty providers. Our techs can service over 500 units per day, so there is no contract too large for us to handle. In addition to iPhone repairs, PSR services all brands of Drones, iPads, Laptops, Kindles, Tablets and GPS Devices.

But just because we are a large volume repair center does not mean that we are too big to care about the individual. That is why the techs at PSR offer the same expert service and quick turnaround to individual repairs as we do to our largest corporate clients. We make it easy to submit a repair request online, check the status of your repair and track your package when it is shipped back to you. If you have any questions, just call or email our friendly customer service department for answers. To get started with your iPhone repair, just fill out the simple form below!


To request a repair, complete the form below and instructions will immediately be emailed to you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

For billing inquiries, Call 1.877.PSR.FIX1.

After form submission, please print a copy of the request emailed to you and enclose it with your defective unit to ensure accurate owner identification.