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PSR ReBalling

Before PSR Reballing After PSR Reballing
PS3 Reballing | PS3 YLOD Reballing | Red Light Reball PS3 Reballing | PS3 YLOD Reballing | Red Light Reball

Not just Reballing......PSR ReBalling

The YLOD and the Blinking red light is caused by poor solder connections beneath the RSX 'Reality Synthesizer' chip. This is also referred to as the graphics processing unit (GPU). This chip has 1344 balls of solder connecting to its host Motherboard.

We are not bragging (ok maybe a little) but we want you to understand that having us fix your PS3 is different that crossing your fingers with other repair centers.

The ReBalling process is very delicate and time consuming. First, the RSX chip must be removed from the Motherboard without overheating or damaging the chip. You then must clean all the old solder from the chip as well as the Motherboard. Everything must be
PS3 Reballing | PS3 YLOD Reballing | Red Light Reball
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chemically cleaned of contaminates. The RSX chip must then have all 1344 balls of solder precisely set into place before soldering them onto the RSX chip, once again, it must be chemically cleaned of contaminates. Once the chip is prepared then it is 100% optically inspected for coplanarity using a 200X camera and microscope. Now you can transplant the RSX chip back onto the Motherboard again without overheating or damaging the chip or the Motherboard.
Our Equipment

We have purchased several of the newest “state-of-the-art” systems specially designed for Reballing BGA style chips. Our technicians have been trained on this equipment and trained on the Reballing process from start to finish. Using customized profiles, the system turns on the "under-heater", warming the Motherboard. Once the Motherboard reaches the preprogrammed temperature, it then heats from above as well. When the computer receives feedback from the thermo coupler it continues to heat the unit until the solder reaches melting point. With a video monitoring systems that includes a 200X camera and microscope, this makes inspecting the ReBalling process for accuracy flawless

Our Technicians received factory training on the specialized equipment. They have also received training on BGA rework and Reballing. They have been certified on the use of the equipment and certified on ReBalling of BGA components.

To request a repair, complete the form below and instructions will immediately be emailed to you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.
For billing inquiries, Call 1.877.PSR.FIX1.
After form submission, please print a copy of the request emailed to you and enclose it with your defective unit to ensure accurate owner identification.

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